Projects & Management

In keeping with our “one-stop shop” motto, we specialise in the execution of holistic projects. Whenever our customers decide on a particular form of production, it is not just a question of purchasing the necessary machinery. We are particularly experienced in what are known as “greenfield projects”. The “greenfield” concept is an analogy to building work on greenfield land, where you are not constrained by existing structures and so have a “blank canvas” to work with. You know what you ultimately want to produce and we take care of all the issues required to see your project through to completion – from initial scrutiny of the situation and financial and feasibility planning right through to the finished production lines.

Our key areas:

  • Feasibility studies and investment strategies
  • Fault and weak point analysis in acoordance with the 5S method
  • Process analysis, optimisation and planning
  • Design and selection of production systems
  • Design and supervision of retrofit projects
  • Operational planning for conversion, extension and new building work, from design through to acceptance
  • Relocation planning and relocation
  • Energy advice for existing buildings
  • Project management
  • Project control