Upakovka Fair Moscow 2019

Please remember our next participation from January, 29th to February 1st 2019 on the
MOSKAU UPAKOVKA 2019 / Processing & Packaging / Member of INTERPACK Alliance

Koenig & Bauer Flexotecnica

We are glad to announce our mutual cooperation with the italian manufacturer of central impression cylinder Flexo printing presses and auxiliaries, which we will sell in several countries within central and eastern europe including Russia. Flexo printing is growing at an average rate of four to five percent worldwide, and in some regions even faster. Increased print quality, based on mature prepress and press technology, plays a key role here.


The new management in Italy, Tavazzano under the lead of Dr. Peter Lechner, Managing Director, Joachim Barthelme, Director of Production and Giorgio Fantino, Chief Financial Officer will actively support our sales efforts!

KAMA Die Cutter DC 76 Foil ASB

Fast changeovers, best registration: When it comes to short-run folding carton production the DC 76 Foil ASB provides all applications needed to turn digitally printed sheets into the precisely die-cut and 100 % separated blanks – including finishing with hot foil and hologram if desired. Highly efficient, highly profitable and in the high level of quality brand manufacturers demand. Flexible and network compatible, the “short-run expert” DC 76 Foil is the ideal post press partner for your digital printing press.